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The Client Information Form (some call it an "Intake Form") is a preparation document designed for easy reference, that contains areas for all of your contact information, details and notarizations for every signing.

It is designed to help make journaling quick and easy when you are with your clients!

Current editions include: Specialty/General Notary Work Intake Form Edition, Loan Signing Agent Edition, and HECM/Reverse Mortgage Edition.

Client Intake Form - General/Specialty Notary Work Edition

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Loan Signing Agent Edition

HECM/Reverse Mortgage Edition

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Client Intake Form Featured in Beyond Loan Signings, by Laura Biewer and Bill Soroka!

Loan Signing Agent Edition:

HECM/Reverse Mortgage Edition:

Client Intake Form - General/Specialty Notary Work Edition:

SNW / GNW Edition Specialty/General Notary Work Client Intake Form

What's in the Client Information Form?

The Details

(Loan Signing Agent & HECM/Reverse Mortgage Editions)

Page 1

1) Preparation document containing space for referencing nearly all details of the signing, all in one convenient place

2) Date and Time of Signing: Contact Name, Address, Special Instructions, Gate Code/Community/County

3) Contact Information for Hiring Company, Escrow Officer, Loan Officer, Real Estate Agent

4) Loan Signing Edition includes Cash to Close amount; Rescission Date; where to send Scan Backs; Tracking Number

5) Area for Notes

Page 2

1) Details for all Notarizations

2) Designed to work seamlessly with the corresponding Notary Ally Loan Signing or HECM/Reverse Mortgage Journal. Notarization details transfer quickly and easily into the Journal, and can be done while the signer is flipping through their loan document pages, as they are signing

3) Over three dozen pre-printed commonly used documents used during loan signings

4) Check boxes for Type of Document, Notarial Act performed

5) Space to write the Document Date, # of pages, and if another state's notarial certificate was used, there is a space to indicate the State

6) Check boxes to indicate if a loose notarial certificate was used, if the notarial certificate that was provided was on a page by itself, if the document name is mentioned in the footer, and if a stamp with notarial certificate verbiage was used, instead of using a loose certificate