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Elevate Your Notary Experience

Featuring tried and true notary products that feel good to use,
leave an impression of professionalism,
and make clients feel at ease!
It's time for higher quality notary tools!

It feels good to use high-quality tools that work well, and look good, too!

It feels good to work more efficiently, and get your journaling done significantly faster!

It feels good to touch, and write on high-quality paper!

It feels good to get compliments from clients, who appreciate this level of professionalism!

As a California notary who specializes in loan signings and trust signings, I longed for tools that would save time, and add value for both me and my clients. I am also someone who appreciates details, and who values the look and feel of quality. I have to admit that my heart skips a beat when I open a Papyrus greeting card, or when I receive or write on beautiful stationery!

My longing resulted in me creating a few products that have changed my notary world, and I have found that my clients appreciate them, too!

These tools worked so well for me, that I began sharing them with other notaries, who felt the same way that I did. And of course, my designs are printed on heavier paper, which feels good to touch and to write on! I consider these tools, and some other items that I have found along the way, to be my Notary Allies. I invite you to explore, and elevate your notary experience, too!


Kim Flanagan

Owner, Notary Ally

Notary Ally Tools